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Why 12?

Twelve is noon.

The daily moment in which the appetite grows and we celebrate together one of the greatest Italian traditions: Pasta.

We have created Pietro Massi 12 to make our innovation – Pietro Massi’s cold method – a real “daily excellence” available everywhere and to everyone, in simplicity.

Our land

The best of nature, we provide the method

We create an exceptional Pasta: a tasty product healthy for the body, for this reason we are necessarily very demanding when it comes to raw materials.

We do not use any additives and our wheat is 100% Italian. Furthermore, our wholemeal Pasta is made exclusively with wholemeal Semolina 100% of the Marche, stone milled.

A 100% Italian story

An ancient land for a new Pasta

Pietro Massi 12 was born in Senigallia.
A city nestled between the sea and the hills in the Marche region. A place rich in tradition where a real love story was born: the one of Pietro Massi for Pasta.
What makes this story unique? A technological revolution that allows us to add a pinch of innovation to an extraordinary century-old tradition, to release the best of both worlds.

Respect is the basis

Nature is our best friend

The sun is necessary to make our wheat grow and our land smile, but it is also necessary to allow us to produce our Pasta with respect for nature.

Our production is sustainable and uses the best technological innovations at the service of the environment.

Your new daily excellence

An ancient land for a new Pasta

The excellence in your business

& retail

12is the surprise you’ve been waiting for. Join the Pasta Revolution and discover a new quality standard.

The excellence in your home

Do you love pasta? Rediscover it

Our revolution lives in the simplicity of our values and we are sure it will surprise you, with taste.