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The excellence of cold

Massi Method



The cold method

The excellence of the method in your daily life

Our 12 is hydrated / pre-mixeded / mixed / rolled / pre-dried / linear-die shaped / extruded / dried & packaged at constant low temperatures.

All this thanks to the invention of a series of sophisticated technological innovations, unique in the world, which allow us a cold prcessing in a climate-controlled environment and to bring excellence to the table every day.

Why 12?

Twelve is noon.

The daily moment in which the appetite grows and we celebrate together one of the greatest Italian traditions: Pasta.

We have created Pietro Massi 12 to make our innovation – Pietro Massi’s cold method – a real “daily excellence” available everywhere and to everyone, in simplicity.

Why the cold?

Nature asked for it

The low temperatures used throughout the whole manufacturing process of our Pasta have one major goal: to respect our precious raw materials.

Thermal shocks and high temperatures are the worst enemy for Semolina and we have eliminated them, creating an extraordinarily healthy and nutritious Pasta, capable of bringing all the taste and health benefits of wheat to your table.

Is it magic? No, it is science

The results can be tasted
and seen

Look at our Pasta under the microscope: perfectly intact starches & extreme porosity, to ensure uniform cooking and incomparabile digestibility.

Your new daily excellence

A new method, for a unique Pasta

The excellence in your business

& retail

12 is the surprise you’ve been waiting for. Join the Pasta Revolution and discover a new quality standard.

The excellence in your home

Do you love pasta? Rediscover it

Our revolution lives in the simplicity of our values and we are sure it will surprise you, with taste.