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Your daily excellence

A better pasta



Simply excellent

Durum wheat Semolina Pasta 100% Italian

Durum wheat semolina 100% Italian

Low temperature chain

Natural source of protein

Unique & inimitable taste

Excellence is whole

Durum wheat wholemealSemolina Pasta
Stone milled /
100% of the Marche

Production chain entirely of the Marche

100% wholemeal & organic semolina / Stone milled

/ Stone milled

Low temperature chain

High fiber content

Unique & inimitable taste

Excellence is really everyday

We have made excellence versatile and smart: each pack of Pietro Massi 12 has been designed to be easy to use and store in your pantry.

Today you can enjoy the extraordinary qualities of the cold Method in total simplicity.

Easy “Open and Close” packaging

New box sizes, suitable for easy storage

Shaped window for immediate recognition

Kraft CKB cardboard for maximum food safety

Window in PLA, a bioplastic from natural origin

FSC / PEFC & ISO 14001 eco-sustainability certifications

Your new daily excellence

A better Pasta, ready to be discovered

The excellence in your business

& retail

12 is the surprise you’ve been waiting for. Join the Pasta Revolution and discover a new quality standard.

The excellence in your home

Do you love pasta? Rediscover it

Our revolution lives in the simplicity of our values and we are sure it will surprise you, with taste.