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It’s your daily excellence

Pietro Massi — 12

is at home

Pietro Massi’s technological revolution is now available every day, to everyone, in every home in the world.

100% Italian

Our Pasta

Made in Italy

Semolina is high-quality, but it is the method we use to process it that makes the real difference: our production chain is the only entirely cold, designed to respect and enhance the quality of Semolina.

The result is an extraordinary, good and nutritious Pasta, protagonist of the healthiest diets.

The extraordinary taste

Water and Semolina in a perfect balance

One of our secrets is the perfectly homogeneous dough: our fine semolina combines with the water at molecular level, ensuring extraordinarily uniform cooking.

Your new daily excellence

A new method, for a unique Pasta

The excellence in your business

& retail

12 is the surprise you’ve been waiting for. Join the Pasta Revolution and discover a new quality standard.

The excellence in your home

Do you love pasta? Rediscover it

Our revolution lives in the simplicity of our values and we are sure it will surprise you, with taste.